Glassberries Design Awards

The concept comprises a 250 ml bottle of rampant raspberry gin, with fine lines, chic shape, seemingly simple and temperate design, with a natural cork closure which ensures a quality ageing.
Material properties

Release Date

11 May 2019


3D Modeling, 3D Visualization, packaging, product design

Material properties
Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material which provides great environmental benefits such as contributing to mitigating climate change and saving precious natural resources. It is also highly appreciated in many applications for its inert nature and its contributions to safeguarding people’s health.
Depending on the growing region, cork trees are harvest-ed every nine to twelve years. The trees are not cut down and can be expected to live for 200 years. This makes the industry a near-perfect example of renewable production.
The cork tube package have a practical and eco minded design. After serving it’s purpose as a package for the glass bottle, the tube can be utilized as a shopping bag, plant recipient or to collect acorns in order to renew the cycle.