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DOMENIILE BECIU is a wine made with passion and knowledge by one of the most interesting and of course famous wineries in small Romania – the DOMENIILE BECIU winery.
Run by a family of 3 oenologists, DOMENIILE BECIU won its reputation of modern winery. It is as special and intriguing as everything they have done so far.
“reviving forgotten vineyards from Vrancea since 2006”
When I received their request it took me a lot of time to think what kind of design to do for them. Well when a wine is special that much, then creating just a label is not enough. I wanted to think out of the box and to create modern logo and bottle design.

Release Date

10 September 2018


Branding, packaging, graphic design, illustration

For the logo, Since they use the location name for wine brand, idea was to use symbol that represent a wine yard landscape. Therefore minimal architecture and wine yard landscape are blended into one.
From the beginning this was no ordinary wine label project. It was actually done for a family that produces their own HOME CRAFT wine and sell it. They makes only about 10,000 bottles per year.
That was the most challenging part when it come to the label. The challenge was to make a label cheap to produce, but that doesn’t look cheap.
And it looks good.